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Feathercoin is an Internet p2p currency based on Litecoin. It uses scrypt PoW hashing algorithm. It was launched in spring 2013. ... Feathercoin website. Feathercoin specifications: Block reward 200 coins; 2.5 minutes block target; 126 blocks to retarget difficulty with 504 average and .25 damping; 9% maximum change on difficulty retarget; Block reward halves every 840,000 blocks ; Default ... Altcoins sind alternative Kryptowährungen zur „Mutter aller Kryptowährungen“, dem Bitcoin. Sie wurden erst nach seiner Veröffentlichung ins Leben gerufen. Zu ihnen zählen Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, Feathercoin, Peercoin, Primecoin, PPcoin, Namecoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin und IOTA. Derzeit sind weltweit rund 1500 Altcoins in Verwendung. Sie besitzen vielfach bereits eine extrem hohe ... Litecoin has a maximum supply of 84 million tokens or digital coins (four times more than Bitcoin). Of which, 54.26 million are currently in circulation. While it may seem that the network will soon run out of new currencies, analysts predict that this will only happen around 2142. And that is considering the current rate of mining difficulty. LTC/USD: Aktueller Litecoin - US-Dollar Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs LTC in USD. LTC/EUR: Aktueller Litecoin - Euro Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs LTC in EUR. In May 2017, Litecoin became the first cryptocurrency to adopt Segregated Witness (or SegWit, for short). The system splits every transaction into two segments, removing the signature (the “witness” part) from the original data. This makes the processing of every transaction faster, one of the key advantages of Litecoin over bitcoin. About Feathercoin (FTC): Feathercoin is a cryptocurrency, which is very similar to Litecoin, but has a much lower difficulty when it comes to mining it. Both Feathercoin and Litecoin are designed to be ‘extracted’ through a different technique than the one needed to do it with Bitcoins. Bitcoin uses the SHA-256 algorithm, while the other ... Dash Durchschnitt schwierigkeit des Tag grafiken. Transaktionen Blockgröße Zieladressen Schwierigkeit Hashrate Kurs in USD Bergbau Rentabilität Sent in USD Transaktionsgebühr Median Transaction Fee Bestätigung Zeit Marktkapitalisierung Durchschnitt Transaktionswert Median transaction value Tweets Aktive Adressen Top100ToTotal Fee in Reward Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a hard forked version of the original Bitcoin. It is similar to bitcoin with regards to its protocol; Proof of Work SHA-256 hashing, 21,000,000 supply, same block times and reward system. However two main differences are the the blocksize limits, as of August 2017 Bitcoin has a 1MB blocksize limit whereas BCH proposes 8MB blocks. Also BCH will adjust the difficulty every ... Dogecoin Average mining difficulty per day Chart. Transactions Block Size Sent from addresses Difficulty Hashrate Price in USD Mining Profitability Sent in USD Avg. Transaction Fee Median Transaction Fee Block Time Market Capitalization Avg. Transaction Value Median Transaction Value Tweets GTrends Active Addresses Top100ToTotal Fee in Reward

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